Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 4 Top Ten List for the 2013 Great Texas

Leg 4 Top Ten List by Steve Piche

1.     Woman Skppers Rule:  Ingrid Bakker gave the entire F18 fleet a run for its money yesterday.  It took John Tomko most of the day to finally catch her.  Ingrid had a great finishing leg and showed the talent she has for sailing in tricky conditions.  She was the first woman skipper to finish the Great Texas.
2.     Tomko/Billings Win:  Back to their old form, John Tomko collected his seventh Great Texas win!  The trophies are now back in Texas after spending a year in Florida where last years winner John Casey lives.
3.     Chums on Line Honors:  Lee Wicklund and David Cerdes took first to the beach honors in the Great Texas yesterday.  They managed to fight their way through the light and tricky winds.  They won the Open Class and took third overall in the regatta.
4.     Dashers:  We had an additional 18 boats join us for the Dash!  They started an hour early.  The Great Texas fleet then had the opportunity to catch up with the rest of the Dashers.  However, they never caught Dennis Banks on his ARC 22.  He was first to the beach and won the Spin class in the Dash.  Mike and Janet Hardey won the non-spin class sailing on a Hobie 16.
5.     Shrimp, shrimp and more shrimp:  We had a fantastic shrimp dinner last night put together by Joe Carlyle.  Joe cooked up 50 pounds of shrimp and nobody left hungry.
6.     Light and Tricky:  It was a fairly light spin run yesterday.  We all got pushed off-shore and did a fair amount of jibbing.  Seas were small so it made for a pleasant but somewhat long ride into the finish.
7.     Frog Dancing:  This year the Frog (Team Quicksilver who has a French skipper, Philippe Bettler) got the Monkey ( Team Monkey Business).  The two teams battle it out on the race course for second place but in the end it was the Frog that won  and according to tradition, Team Monkey Business had to do a Frog dance at the awards banquet. 
8.     Ground Crews:  We got to give a shout out to all the ground crews that helped get the teams up the coast.  They drove a lot of miles chasing the boats from one stop to the next.  We are blessed to have so many people that are will to spend a week of their vacation as ground crews.
9.     Thanks to our Commodore, Terri Reuwsaat:  Thanks so much to Terri Reuwsaat for running the Great Texas fleet and organizing the race.  She does a great job of working with all the officers and making sure everything gets done.
10. Next Year:  I hope to see you in South Padre on the Wednesday before the Father’s Day for the start of the Great Texas!

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