Wednesday, June 20, 2018

2018 Day 3 Top 10 List

Top 10 List for Day 3 of the Great Texas (by Steve Piche, Skipper of the Team Great Texas 300):
1. The Great Escape: Once again, we got to take on devastating surf! We had moderate wind but it was straight on shore. We all took our shots at the surf for thirty minutes just getting pounded. We could not even make it into the first break. It was impossible. We kept trying. Finally, we got pushed to the shore and noticed that the wind had shifted and picked up due to an off-shore cloud/thunderhead. We jumped on port tack and caught a few breaks with waves and got out! We cheered once again and started to sail away while everyone else was still on the beach!
2. Back on the Beach: Mikey Likes It! flipped in the surf and ripped their main sail. TCDYC was busy fixing a rudder problem. The DBB was late to start and still fixing problems from yesterday. Cat in the Hat was also on the beach (not sure why).
3. Lonely Sail: We took off on a single trap jib reach. We kept looking back to see if anyone was going to join us but could not see anyone going out. Eventually, we just sailed off on our own left to wonder if anyone else got off the beach. It was a nice sail. Not too brutal after some tough days. We saw huge breakers on Bryan Point.
4. Back to Yesterday: Yesterday, there was an incident in the surf where Mikey Likes It ran into the back of TCDYC. Both teams went ashore and asked for 21 minutes of redress. After the race today, there was a hearing to determine the response from race committee. Team TCDYC was granted 21 minutes of redress. In addition, Team Mikey Likes It was given 21 minute of redress but also a 15 minute penalty. Thus 6 minutes was subtracted from their time. So, at the beginning of the day they had roughly a 5 minute lead over our Team and an 8 minute lead over TCDYC with the redress and penalty included. (I think my math is about right here but far from official.)
5. First to the Beach: We hit the beach with a big, big lead. It was fun. We put roughly 30 minutes on Mikey Likes It and Team TCDYC. Thus, when results show up later tonight, we will be sitting in first with something like a 20-25 minute lead over Mikey Likes It (again, if my math is right). It is a good lead but we have seen bigger leads slip away on the final day on the race course. We just need to get out there tomorrow and race hard. It would be nice to not have challenging surf just once in a start.
6. Dashers: It is nice to see all the Dash boats on the beach in Surfside! The Dashers will sail the final leg of the Great Texas but start one hour ahead of us. Thanks to Roger Howard and Joshua Grissom for organizing the Dash this year!
7. Families: It is so nice to travel with some great friends and their families. Of course, I have been hanging out with Juke's wife Jonna Rose along with their kids Lux and Lorelei. Also, it has been fun to hang our with Chris and Karen Green's kids including Jessica who has been hanging with us. Finally, my wife, Cathy, and my kids Tessie and Eliza have joined us. So much fun at the GT.
8. Team Managers: Big thanks to my Team Manager, Jorge Trevino, for all his help this week. Team Managers are critical to the success of the team and I thank Jorge and all the team managers for their help in the race.
9. TCDYC: Hey, while giving thanks, also hats off to the TCDYC crew for hosting the spaghetti party this evening at Colin Casey's place!
10. Galveston, Oh, Galveston! Dashers take off tomorrow at 9 am and the GTers go at 10 am. A big day for our team tomorrow. We are psyched! You can follow it live at

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