Wednesday, June 13, 2012

South Padre to Mustang Island!!!

When you're a kid, you just can't wait for Christmas morning. It's all you think about.  You can't wait to rip open those presents and get to your new toys.  As you get older, the magic of Christmas morning disappears.

However, if you are a Great Texas sailor, you find a replacement for the Christmas morning and that morning is this morning!

You have been looking forward to this morning with the greatest of anticipation.  You have spent countless hours (and money) preparing for this moment and it is finally here.  You get to sail the best long distance leg on the face of the plant, South Padre to Mustang Island!!!

To top it off this year, the weather looks absolutely great for a fun run into Mustang Island, 100 miles due north of South Padre.  The wind is currently out of the south at around 10 with light surf.  It is suppose to build up to 20 knots and shift to the east south east by finish time.  It is going to be a downwinder off the south followed by a crazy double trapping reach into Mustang Island.

The trick today will be when to quit gybing and commit to going straight line.  This will be a critical decision with big time gains for those that get it right.

Tomko and Casey, the big dogs, are ready to go.  The little dogs, the rest of us, will be nipping at their heals hopefully.

I estimate first boat hitting the beach between 4-5 pm central.  Could be earlier or later depending on how the winds build.

I will have a Spot on board so you can follow my tracks.  Go to and look for Spot to follow us!

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