Thursday, February 23, 2012

Top Three Pictures from HYC Mid-Winters

By Steve Piche

The votes are in and we have the top three vote getting photos (Likes and Comments on Facebook) from Mid-Winters regatta at the Houston Yacht Club. 

All of these photos were captured from a helmet mounted GoPro.  I shot all three races in wide-screen and then viewed the resulting video on my computer.  When I saw something interesting in the video, I stopped it and took a screen grab.  Pretty simple and we got some good photos.  We will be using this same approach during the Great Texas.

So, here are the top three photos....

3)  Hoisting the spinnaker as we round A mark with Tomko's boat in the foreground.

2)  Taking a spinnaker ride downwind after the races.

and the Number 1 was a shot of a very interesting February sky

Hope you enjoyed these pictures!

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